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Je suis cavalière de dressage depuis 10ans, formée en
Cavalier international 5* de concours complet.
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Christina Braun

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  • Présentation : CLASSICAL RIDER AND INTERNATIONAL INSTRUCTOR, EQUESTRIAN CONSULTANT FOR ASIA AND MIDDLE EAST I have studied in Germany and I am a international Instructor certified by the German Equestrian Federation. After my Formation I dedicated myself to train and compete in dressage and jumping. In 1997 I moved to Spain where I trained and taught the classical baroque riding style for about 20 years. My philosophy reflects a classical training style and I believe in training correctly from the beginning in order to archive true harmony with the horse. My training is progressive: - Each stage is based on the foundation of previous work - Improving the gymnastic development of both horse and rider - Based on an understanding of anatomy, movement and biomechanics Over the years I have specialized in helping riders to develop a balanced, supple and independent seat - the classical seat - which permits correct and subtle application af the aids and is essential for dressage trainining at any level. Many riders may reach the top-levels but still do not have a well-developed seat, legs, hands or even mental state. This does not make them "bad riders". It means there is room for improvement. My teaching style incorporates a back to basics approach of good solid horsemanship which is invaluable to improve all riders ad horses at all levels. The basics are more than beginner steps. They are fundamental skills. There are many ways to improve your dressage-seat and certainly the best way is to have good instruction. My clear and easy to understand advice has helped many riders on their way to a better performance. Disciplines enseignées :
    • - Dressage
    • - Éducation
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